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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas...and Happy New Year BABY!

One of Life's greatest treasures is having a grandchild.  This is our granddaughter, and she is a gift.  Of course, I am excited because I get to document her life through images. She is 10 months old already!  I love going through the pictures I have created of her, looking back at each stage of her babyhood.  Such precious memories.  I encourage you to think about investing in fine art photography to document your child's life, and other important events.  It is a gift you give yourself now, and one which will be cherished for generations to come.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Peace, Health and Happiness always.


kelleherjm said...

i know i'm prejudiced but have to agree...the imagaes that helen has captured of our granddaughter make me smile...and helping out with the photo session is a great memory, too!

Helen Kelleher Photography said...

Awww, thanks Papous! You're hired for the next shoot too!

karen taylor said...

Helen, I love the Christmas card - front and back! What a great idea and Cora looks adorable. You and Papous did a wonderful job!! The details are precious...snow, bears, you are so creative. Thanks for sharing your talents and special gifts with me and Bud. Happy New Year, Love Karen and Bud

Helen Kelleher Photography said...

Dear Karen and Bud,
Thank you so much for posting your kind and genuine comments. I love photographing Cora's life. It is so special and fun. Now, for her one year birthday bash, why don't you plan on assisting? It will be fun!!! Happy New Year to you too. love, Helen