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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cowgirl Boots & Cowgirl Hat Do Not a Cowgirl Make!

Last night my hubby Joe and I met up with a good friend of ours who has two beautiful horses, Sierra and Romeo.  Loving horses, and wanting to wear my new cowgirl boots that Joe bought me for my birthday this year, I jumped at the opportunity when Doug asked me riding.  "Yep...sure, I've been riding before", I stated.  "I love horses!"  So up at 6:00 am this morning, and out to the barn I went, all decked out in my cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots and a courderoy long sleeve shirt which looked very cowgirlish.  I looked like the real deal.  After we saddled up, we rode around the pasture for a bit, then off into "big-boy" country... Open fields and wooded areas...looking for wild mushrooms.   I was riding Sierra, a very sweet natured 'Ole Girl who did not even need a bridle.  The slightest command with the reins and she obeyed.  I was  feeling fairly confident. As we approached the entrance to the 300 acre preserve, I notice a very, very large tree trunk blocking the entrance to the path.  " are we gonna get through there?, I asked.  "Don't worry, Sierra doesn't like to jump" said Doug. He assured me she would step right over the tree trunk.  As we approached, I could feel that she may be thinking of jumping, especially since Romeo had just effortlessly taken the leap.  It was a matter of pride, ya know? Well, you can guess what happened next.  Yep, she jumped, and off I went.... hat a-flying, Maui Jim's a-flying, and Helen a-flying, right into the wooded underbrush, landing on my hip.  OUCH!!!  I did not move right away.  I thought I broke my rib, as it was painful to breathe.  Sierra did not run, she actually stood there looking as shocked as me.  She definitely did not mean for things to end that way, although I think she was feeling proud of herself for showing Romeo she could jump Unfortunately, my fall ended the day.  I did get back up on Sierra (YES I DID!) and rode part of the way back to the barn before dismounting and walking the rest of the way. What did I learn?   Cowgirl Boots & Cowgirl hat do not
Cowgirl Make!  

A picture of my boots, and my new friend, Sierra (her shy pose).