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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dark Hedges

I have just returned from traveling through Ireland.  What an amazingly beautiful country.  These trees are fairly well known, at least by photographers, who seek them out.  We learned of the "dark hedges" from the proprietors of a darling bed and breakfast in Portrush, Northern Ireland.  These are 300 year old beech trees that have grown into a canopy over the road.  It is AMAZING.  Hopefully this image will give you    a sense of this magical creation of nature.


Jess said...


more than anything, I want to travel to Ireland to experience its beauty--and capture it, of course!

This is incredible :)

Helen Kelleher Photography said...

Hey Jess,
Put it on your list of places to go...for sure. Ireland exceeded my expectations in every way. The landscape, the people, the music. Incredible! Thanks for commenting. H

batsgonemad said...

Hi Helen, great to see the photos of the hedges, it looks so different now without any leaves

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