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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Try and TRY AGaiN...and AGain..and AGAIN!

OK, so heres the truth.  Babies do not pose....not for anything.  They are wiggly, squirmy and have very little patience, especially when you keep putting the same oversized hat on their head.  Certainly I can not take full credit for this image.  If the mom was not seriously assisting, this image would have been IMPOSSIBLE to capture.  The second the hat got lowered, this baby girl had just swooshed it off her was amazing. But with patience and a keen plan, we got it! So, thanks Michelle for assisting to create this darling image of your ADORABLE baby girl!   

1 comment:

molson0571 said...

LOVE this photo! I can't wait to see the one where you can see her face :-)